Company debt solutions fees

Wilmott Turner Financial Services provides various debt management services for its Company clients.  The fees that we charge for these services are as follows:

Company Voluntary Arrangement, Pre Pack & Liquidation

If one of our company clients decides that either a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), Pre-pack or Liquidation is right for them and want our help to implement this we will receive the following payment:

Wilmott Turner works with external Corporate Insolvency Practitioner (IP) partners. Once we have completed a statement of affairs on the client’s behalf, this file will be forwarded to one of our IP partners so that they can begin the task of implementing the relevant solution.

Once the client’s solution is implemented Wilmott Turner is then paid a fee by the Insolvency Practitioner for the work we have undertaken preparing the client’s initial statement of affairs documentation.

Wilmott Turner will only receive its fee if the client’s solution is implemented. The fee is paid by the partner company and is not payable as extra by the client.

A list of our Company IP partners is available in request.

Strike Off

If one of our clients decides Strike Off is right for them and they want our help to implement this we will charge the a fee of £500:

The fee charged for our Strike Off assist service takes away much of the stress of properly dissolving a company. The service includes advice and guidance about:

  • Making the board resolution
  • Ceasing to trade
  • Selling company assets correctly
  • Notifying creditors correctly
  • Dealing with Companies House
  • How to deal with any creditor objections
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