Bankruptcy Assistance Service

Bankruptcy Assistance ServiceIf you have decided to go Bankrupt and want help and support through the process our Assistance Service is what you need.

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What does our Bankruptcy Service include?
How much does the service cost?
The duration of the service
Service terms and conditions

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What does our Bankruptcy Assistance service include?

When you apply for Bankruptcy you will first need to complete your application form. You will then have an interview with the Official Receiver. This is daunting for many people. Our service will help these things go smoothly.

Our service includes the following:

  • Direct access to your personal advisor whenever you need to ask a question (no call centre)
  • Ensuring your application form (including your income and expenses budget) is completed and submitted correctly.
  • Ensuring you are properly prepared for your interview with the Official Receiver.
  • Ongoing support from your personal advisor during the 12 months you are bankrupt

The service is particularly useful for self employed people in terms of income calculations (i.e. distinguishing between business income and personal drawings after a provision for tax).

Getting your income and expenditure budget correct in your application is vital. If this is incorrect, it can result in you being asked to make a monthly payment towards your debt you can’t afford.

How much does our Bankruptcy Service Cost?

In addition to the standard Bankruptcy application fee we charge an upfront fee for our Bankruptcy Assistance Service as follows:

Single person Bankruptcy Application:   £400
Couple Bankruptcy Application:              £650

An increase to the standard fee may be charged if you are currently residing outside of the UK or in other circumstances which require a more in depth assistance for example if you are self employed or a home owner.

There is nothing to stop you going through the bankruptcy process yourself with no additional help from Wilmott Turner. However using our service will make the experience far less stressful.

Duration of the Service

Our first job will be to complete your on-line bankruptcy application form. We will arrange a mutually convenient time to do this with you over the telephone. The form normally takes 2-3 hours to complete.

Once your application from has been submitted we will help you answer any questions raised by the Adjudicator.

The Adjudicator has up to 28 days to consider your application. However they in most cases they will confirm you are bankrupt within 2 working days.

We will then prepare you for your interview with the OR. We will also help you complete the documents that you will be sent for signing if you need help with these.

You will normally be Bankrupt for 12 months. During this time we will will endeavour to provide support and advice to you on the telephone. However we will not be contractually obliged to do this.

Bankruptcy Assistance Service Terms & Conditions

A full list of terms and conditions including our cancelation policy and your right to complain can be found here: Terms & Conditions.

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