About Us

Wilmott Turner Financial Services was established in 2009. We provide advice and solutions for individuals and companies who are struggling with debt.

Wilmott Turner Financial Services is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Correspondence Address: 116 Springfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire. SL4 3PS
  • Registered Office address: 74 Willowbrook Road, Southall, Middlesex. UB2 4RH
  • Company number: 6925024
  • FCA Firm Reference Number: 667740
  • Data Protection Registration number: Z2180863

Our managing director and senior debt advisor is James Falla. James is an FCA approved person. He has over 17 years of experience working with people who are struggling with debt problems. He joined Wilmott Turner as Managing Director in 2010.

Our Services

We provide specialist advice, services and support across a range of different debt solutions.

For individuals living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland these include: Debt Management Plan, IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement), Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order

For individual living in Scotland these include: Debt Arrangement Schemes, Trust Deeds and Sequestration

For companies these include: CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement), Pre PackLiquidation and Strike Off

Our Fees

Any initial advice received from Wilmott Turner Financial Services either on the telephone, via e-mail, live chat or one of our online forums is given without charge or obligation.

However we are a commercial organisation. As such if we are asked to help implement a financial solution where appropriate we will charge a fee for our services. This fee will be charged either directly to the customer or to the solution provider to whom they are referred.

Any associated fees will be explained in detail before the customer makes the decision to proceed. For more information please see How we are funded.

Our Terms and Conditions

Our terms, conditions and policies can be viewed using the following links:

Services Terms & Conditions
Web Site Terms & Conditions
Website Cookie Policy

Our Complaints Policy

Our full client complaints policy can be viewed using the following link: Complaints Policy.

Our Privacy Policy

Our full client privacy policy is available can be viewed using the following link: Privacy Policy.

Our Philosophy

Advice You Can Trust
Wilmott Turner Financial Services is a commercial organisation. The advice we give considers all the options which might be suitable for you or your company’s situation. You are assured that the solutions we recommend are always in your best interest and the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Many people ask us why we have such detailed and high quality websites where the information is free and accessible to all.  Our answer is we have worked in the insolvency sector for many years and know that there is a huge amount of ignorance about debt and that even many so called professional advisers do not know the law very well. As such when an individual or company is in trouble, despite the huge number of associated websites on the internet, they often cannot find appropriate help or proper information.

We provide support, advice and services in plain English ensuring that our clients truly understand their options and both the positive and negative sides of any solution in the context of their individual situation.

Superior Quality of Service
At Wilmott Turner Financial Services we pride ourselves in giving our clients the best possible service.  We do not operate a call centre. If you decide to work with us you will be provided with a dedicated debt consultant who is available at anytime to discuss your problems. You will be given the direct line phone numbers of your debt consultant.

All of our staff have a non judgemental, sympathetic approach. All the information that you provide is handled with the strictest confidentiality. We will never pass any of your details to a third party without your prior approval.  Where appropriate we complete all key documentation for you to ensure smooth processing.

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Privacy Policy Your information will be held in strictest confidence and used to contact you by our internal team only. We will never share your details with any third party without your permission.