What does Bankruptcy Cost?

Before you submit your Bankruptcy Application you will need to pay an Application Fee.

  • The cost of Bankruptcy in England & Wales
  • Bankruptcy Assistance Service

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The cost of Bankruptcy in England & Wales

In England and Wales the cost of Bankruptcy is currently £680 per person. This is made up of an Application Fee of £130 and a Bankruptcy Deposit of £550.

This fee must be paid in full before you submit your application. It can be paid via the Government’s on-line application system using a debt, credit or prepaid card. Alternatively you can pay with cash at any NatWest branch.

You can pay your application fee in instalments if you pay by card. However your will not be allowed to submit your application until the fee is paid in full.

If you go Bankrupt in Northern Ireland the cost is currently £640. In Scotland the fee is significantly lower at £200 per person. For more information see Sequestration.

Wilmott Turner Bankruptcy Assistance Service

For many people going through the process of bankruptcy can be daunting. Most importantly the application forms are long and must be completed correctly. In addition there is the prospect of having an interview with the Official Receiver.

If you wish you can go through the process yourself. However if you would prefer help we offer a Bankruptcy Assistance Service.

Our service includes helping you with correctly completing your on line applications forms. In addition we will prepare you for your interview with the Official Receiver so that you are prepared to answer the questions that will be put to you.

You will be required to pay an additional fee if you want to use our Bankruptcy Assistance Service.

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